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The Mexican Association of Oral Pathology and Medicine (MAOPM) is a non-profit academic and professional group. The specialists of both disciplines are get together in MAOPM, and seek recognition in the various academies, societies, associations and schools, as well as medical and dental councils. Our main objetive is rise the Oral Pathology and Medicine standards, to the more high quality in our country. We are convinced that this project will definitely strengthen us as a guild and, will encourage the development of Oral Pathology and Medicine in Mexico.
Mexican Association of Oral Pathology and Medicine
About Us
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The MAOPM was founded in november 18, 2011, in Queretaro City in the center region of Mexico. 50 Founders Members began the works of the Association and in this moment has been performed five National Congresses. The MAOMP Council has done diverse contacts with International Associations and the develop of certification project has started.